Hailing from Eltham, South-East London, Redhot’s career began at the young age of 14; Pairing a portable CD Player with a Walkman and a tired, second-hand mixer. His enthusiasm for the art of mixing lead to the acquisition of a set of belt-driven turntables a year later, where he was able to perfect his craft and build enough confidence to reach out to local and extremely popular pirate radio station at the time; Innocence 98.3 FM. Taken by his technical ability and passion, he was given a regular weekly show on a Saturday afternoon from 2-4 pm. This naturally progressed into the then 16-year-old being invited along to play at various events in and around the Kent area, where it wasn’t before long that he could be found playing at reputable brands such as “Garage Nation” and the like. Fast-forwarding to present day, sees a phenomenal rate of growth. His superior technical ability combined with visual flare and admiration of the UK Garage sound has contributed to his expanding popularity; regularly performing to crowds in their thousands at venues and festivals across the UK and abroad. A brief stint on London’s REPRESENT (107.3FM) throughout the Summer of 2016, now sees Redhot appearing regularly on underground favourite; RINSE FM (106.8FM)


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